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Leaders of the Hosts

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Odmar (NPC)

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The Sixteenth Hall is an area overrun with Orcs, many of whom suffer from a terrible illness that sweeps through. Shamans tend to the ill whilst the rest of the halls are defended by those that remain able to do battle.\n\nMallas, an Elf ally to the dwarves, belives that there is something secret beneath the Sixteenth Hall and wishes to learn the true purpose and source of the plague.

Objective 1
Guardians, Shamans, and fungal Orc bombs can be found in the Sixteenth Hall, north-east of the Shadowed Refuge.

Odmar sent you to find and destroy the Orcs that he believes are leading this diseased incursion into the Sixteenth Hall.
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Objective 2
Odmar is in the Shadowed Refuge, south-west of the Sixteenth Hall.

You fought valiantly against the infected Orcs of the Sixteenth Hall and defeated many guardians, Shamans and the Orcs bearing terrible fungus. You should now tell Odmar that you did as he bade.

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